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Overcoming the Obstacles of Immigration


The Wait and Separation Are Painful

I am an immigration lawyer dedicated to assisting my clients resolve family and business immigration issues.

I am a former Judge Advocate General (JAG) lawyer who has experienced the separation and pain of immigration laws firsthand. My own experiences have made my passion for helping others in these situations stronger, and I have dedicated my life to bringing families separated by immigration laws and political boundaries – together again.

I’m interested in your case and would like to help. Book a consultation here or follow me on social media to join my next free Immigration Q&A session.




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Areas of Practice


If you are afraid to return to your home country, asylum may allow you to stay in the United States legally.

Employment immigration

Bring foreign employees to work for your business in the United States.

fiance visa

If you are engaged to a foreign national, a fiance visa may allow her to join you in the United States so you can married.


Become a citizen of the United States and get citizenship documents for your children.


Reunite your loved ones in the United States through family immigration.


If you are an active duty military member or veteran, you and your family may qualify for special immigration benefits.


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